The Kleeba Challunge is a travelling tournament held annually among the Wisconsin chapters of Muskies, Inc. There are currently nine chapters. The tournament was named after a member of Headwaters chapter, Larry Kleeba, who held the position of Director at Large. Larry moved to the Conover, Wisconsin area from Illinois. He was well known in the area and had many friends in Muskies, Inc. He has been described as a party kind of guy who loved to fish for muskies and was very good at it. Larry died in a tragic car accident near his home, after which during a Musky Club Alliance meeting, it was decided to name this tournament in his honor.

The tournament is a trophy only tournament whereas Headwaters chapter sponsors all club members fishing for the honor of having the chapters name added to the trophy for winning the tournament in any given year.


2020 – Gods Country

2021 – Central Wisconsin

2022 – Capital City

2023 – 1st Wisconsin

2024 – Wausau

2025 – Titletown

2026 – Milwaukee

2027 – Northwoods

2028 – Between the Lakes

2029 – Headwaters

2030 – God’s Country




The 2019 Kleeba Challunge sponsored by Headwaters Chapter 12 and hosted by the Veterans Center at the American Legion/VFW, Eagle River, Wisconsin was held on June 14 -16, 2019.

Thirty Three fisherman from five chapters of Muskies, Inc. participated, catching five fish during the event.

The Challunge was won by the Wausau chapter team catching three fish: 38.5”, 35” & 33.25” for a total of 106.75 inches. They were presented the traveling trophy by the Titletown chapter which won the event last year.

The big fish pot was won by Dave Sanchez of the Titletown chapter with a 50 inch fish caught on the Manitowish chain.

Headwaters chapter had two teams participating (12 fisherman). Team one caught one fish, 39.75”, consisted of Jerry Hollnagel, Margie Hollnagel, Jay Hollnagel, Bob Jacobs, Fred Vogel and Ken McAfee. Team two consisted of Dale Peterson, Ken Pedersen, Joe Koschnik, Glenn Matula, Bill Jacobs and Fred Janick.

The 2020 Kleeba Challunge will be sponsored by the God’s Country chapter 30.


NorthWaters Chapter Challunge Sept. 22nd, 2018

The NorthWaters Chapter Challunge was held Sat. Sept. 22nd fishing any lake from 7 am to 5 pm. This pit the Headwaters Chapter vs. the Northwoods Chapter. Last year before the Headwaters Team 2 won beating out Northwoods 2 by 2 points, 103 to 101. The Headwaters Chapter retained the Pink Musky Trophy and hosted the event. After fishing we met at the Sayner Pub in Sayner for a great meal. Prizes for those catching a fish and there was a raffle. If you want to fish this outing, contact Fred Brogle 715-479-4978 or by e-mail at or Dale Peterson at 715-542-2012 or e-mail at




Gil Hamm Chapter Challunge
August  20th – 23rd,  2019

Team  Registration & Info
Red Wing Lodge
Lake of the Woods – Canada


What Gil Hamm said about himself… and MUSKIES, INC.
“We didn’t build a knife-and-fork club. We built a working club that does something good for the muskies.” “If I had never started this damn club, I would have done more muskie fishing.” “I finally decided to stay out of the DNR because I was an irritant. When I didn’t get what I wanted, I hollered.” “I began to fish at every opportunity. In fact, I fell out of bed twice trying to land big muskies.” “If I had realized how difficult or impossible this would be, Muskies, Inc. would have died a-borning. But it seems that anyone with a dream is not very practical and will try most anything.” “So many Muskies, Inc. members have given so much of their time and energy that it would be impossible to mention them all.” “As a single club, we’ll never be able to do it all. But I think Muskies, Inc. will be around as long as a daredevil lure catches fish”. “With Muskies, Inc., I’ve a strong hunch we’re anticipating new, massive private interest in the preservation and extension of our outdoor heritage. We didn’t make this: the Creator left it to us in trust. We’ve got to make man the restorer rather than the great predator.” “Growing like we have has increased or effectiveness. They’re talking muskies and Muskies, Inc. all over the country”.

Past Gil Hamm Winners –

2018 – Star of the North
2017 – Bemidji/Cass Lake
2016 – Star of the North
2015 – Star of the North
2014 – Fargo-Moorhead
2013 – Star of the North
2012 – Chicagoland Muskie Hunters
2011 – Star of the North
2010 – Star of the North
2009 – Star of the North
2008 – Fargo/Moorhead
2007 – First Wisconsin
2006 – First Wisconsin
2005 – Fargo-Moorhead
2004 – Fargo-Moorhead
2003 – Southside Muskie Hawks
2002 – Fargo-Moorhead
2001 – North Metro
2000 – Twin Cities
1999 – First Wisconsin
1998 – Fox River Valley
1997 – Vikingland
1996 – Fox River Valley
1995 – Colorado
1994 – Lake Superior
1993 – Colorado
1992 – Colorado
1991 – Fox River Valley
1990 – Fox River Valley
1989 – Southside Muskie Hawks
1988 – Southside Muskie Hawks
1987 – Chicagoland Muskie Hunters
1986 – Upper Great Plains
1985 – Hayward Lakes
1984 – Hayward Lakes
1983 – First Wisconsin
1982 – Twin Cities
1981 – Red River Valley
1980 – Twin Cities
1979 – Headwaters
1978 – Mississippi Valley
1977 – Fargo-Moorhead