Headwaters Muskies

Headwaters Chapter Muskies Inc. Fall Tournament Three Lakes Wi. Spring Muskie Tournament Eagle River Wisconsin.

Members Only Contest

Greetings Fellow Musky Anglers,

To be very brief Chapter 12 (HEADWATERS) is asking ALL members to register your fish. Every “Caught & Released” fish 30 inches and larger can be registered.

The ONLINE REGISTRATION through Muskies Inc. is where this process can be done, you can do this on the side tab of Fish Registration. Should you find difficulty in the online registration,
here is a  hard copy in a PDF file   Should you have difficulties in this process you also have the final option of contacting directly our Fish Registration Director, Dale Peterson. Dale can be reach at:

Dale Peterson
“Musky Pete”

E-mail: muskypete@frontiernet.net
8247 Lost Lake Dr West
St. Germain, WI 54558  Phone: 

Hard copies can be mailed to this location as well. Chapter 12 is one of the largest chapters in MI if not THE largest; chapter 12 would like to be a leader in many aspects including Fish Catch & Release.




Effective 06-21-2020


  1. This is “TOTAL RELEASE” Muskie Contest Only.No kept Muskies will be acceptedALL MUSKIES MUST BE RELEASED.
  2. Entrant must be a member in good standing of the Headwaters Chapter of Muskies, Inc. prior to catching the Muskie. A person becomes a member when their dues are received by the Administrative Secretary at the Corporate Offices, or is received by a member of the Headwaters Chapter Board of Directors. Muskies caught before becoming a member of the Headwaters Chapter will not be accepted.
  3. Muskies must be caught on legal sport fishing tackle (Hook & Line)in the United States or Canada. All local, state or provincial laws must be complied with. Muskies caught during a closed season do not
  4. The Muskie must be hooked and played by only one person and only that person may enter the Muskie in the contest.  Assistance in landing the Muskie is permitted.
  5. The minimum size for all released Muskies entered will be 30 inches regardless of local, state, or provincial laws. All fractions of inches will be rounded off to the nearest inch for awarding points.  A fraction that is 1/2 inch or more will be rounded up to the next inch. Any fraction less than 1/2 inch will be dropped.  Note:  A Muskie that is smaller than 30″ is not rounded up to make it legal. All musky will be measured from the tip of the lower jaw to the farthest tip of the tail.
  6. Points for the “Total Release” Fishing Contest are awarded as follows: 4 points per musky plus 1 point for every inch over 30 inches.


30 –  4        40 – 14     50 – 24

31 –  5        41 – 15     51 – 25

32 –  6        42 – 16     52 – 26

33 –  7        43 – 17      53 – 27

34  – 8        44 – 18      54 – 28

35 –  9        45 – 19      55 – 29

36 – 10       46 – 20      56 – 30

37 – 11       47 – 21       57 – 31

38 – 12       48 – 22       58 – 32

 39 – 13       49 – 23       59 – 33

  1. There will be (9) nine separate release divisions for points as noted below:
  2. Fry Junior Division: Open to male and female members that are under 13 years of age or less on January 1 of a calendar year.
  3. Fingerling Junior Division: Open to male and female members that are 13-17 years of age of a calendar year.
  4. Women’s Open Division: Open to all women members 18 years of age or older who have not been a previous winner in the Women’s Open Division.
  5. Men’s Open Division: Open to all male members 18 years of age or older who have not been a previous winner in the Men’s Open Division.
  6. Women’s Masters Division: Open to those who have previously won the Women’s Open Division must participate in this division.
  7. Men’s Masters Division: Open to those who have previously won the Men’s Open Division must participate in this division.
  8. Three Headwater’s Chapter Hall of Fame Division consisting of Headwaters Members men, women and juniors.  Hall of Fame  members are members who have won the Master’s Division or Junior’s Fingerling Division three or more times in the Headwaters Chapter. Once a member has entered into this division, the member would remain in this division with the exception of Junior Fingerling Members who would move into the next division (Men’s or Women’s) when they are eligible. All fish would  still be entered into the Lunker of the Month awards under the Masters Division.
  9. Lunker of the Month Awards; The largest released Muskie for each month in each division will receive a Lunker of the Month  HOF members for men and women would still be included in the Masters Division.  Junior HOF members would be in the Juniors Fry or Fingerling Division.  The Muskie must be:
  10. 40 inches or longer.  Except for the Junior Fry and Fingerling Divisions any Muskie 30″ or over will be recognized.
  11. Photographed and the photo sent to the contest chairperson (Dale Peterson, 8247 Lost Lake Drive West, St. Germain, WI 54558) or by email to: muskypete@frontiernet.net by the end of January of the following year. Photos will not be returned!
  12. Muskie registrations without photos will not be eligible for Lunker of the Month Awards or Big Fish of the Year Award.
  13. All entries must be recorded on a Muskie Inc. Fishing Contest Entryblank or entered online. Entry blanks are found in Muskie Inc. magazine and the Muskies Inc. website (muskiesinc.org). They are also available from your Fishing Contest chairperson and at Chapter meetings.  Entry blanks may be copied for recording additional Muskies caught.
  14. Fishing Contest Entry blanks must be:
  15. FILLED OUT COMPLETELY on the front page or online to be eligible for points or awards. This includes the name of the body of water and bait used. THIS REGULATION WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED TO COMPLY WITH THE PURPOSES OF MUSKIES, INC.
  16. Mailed, entered online or received within 30 days of the date of the catch, to the Headwaters Fishing Contest Chairperson.
  17. All fish must be registered within 30 days of when they were caught or they will not count towards any national awards.

 Dale Peterson
8247 Lost Lake Dr. West
St.Germain, WI 5455

22. Photographs of released muskies are encouraged. However, stress on the musky should be kept to the absolute minimum and the musky returned to its environment as soon as possible  Muskies should be photographed in a horizontal position only or in contact with or in close proximity of the water.  Only those photographs taken in this manner will be forwarded to Muskies, Inc. magazine or included in our chapter newsletter.

23. A contest review committee will  e established to review all disputes or questions on entered muskies.  They will arbitrate any dispute and their decisions shall be accepted as final.  The committee members are:  Elmer Jensen, Joe Koschnik, Jeff Miller, Jay Hollnagel and Dale Peterson.


a. The largest Musky caught and released in each division (Junior, Men and Women) will receive a free graphite Musky mount from LAX Taxidermy – courtesy of LAX Taxidermy Studio & Headwaters Chapter, Muskies, Inc.  In case of tie where each person wants to accept the free mount, the winner will be decided by drawing the winner’s name out of the hat.

b. The Headwaters Chapter, Muskies, Inc. will pay $250 to LAX Taxidermy for each mount.  Each winner of the three divisions will receive a free mount.

c. If the person winning the free mount does not want to use the award, then the 2nd largest fish in the Mens, Womens or Juniors division will be offered the award.  If they do not want to use it, the final person to be offered the award will be the 3rd place person.  We will only go down 3 places.  If the 3rd place person does not want the award, then it will not be awarded to anyone.

d.  The person winning the Big Fish of the Year award can substiture their personal best fish caught while an active member of Muskies, Inc. in place of their big fish from that year if they choose to do sol  If they win with a say 44″ fish and wold rather have a 50″ fish replica made that they caught in a previous year, that will be okay.

e. You can use this award only once per person.  If you have won the award and used it once before, you cannot win it again and it will then go to the next longest release in that division that has not used the award before.  If you do not want to use the award for that year and you win the award in a future year, you can still accept the award for the later year.  This applies for Mens, Womens and Juniors Divisions.  Juniors would be eligible for another award once they move into the Mens or Womens Division.

f. All Division winners will receive a plaque/trophy recognizing their achievement from the Headwaters Chapter, Muskies, Inc. at the Annual Banquet.

g. All Lunker of the Month Award winners will receive an award at the Annual Banquet recognizing their achievement.  All Juniors members who caught and released muskies during the season will receive a personalized certificate at the Annual Banquet.

h. For National MI awards for Big Fish and/or Lunker of the Month a photo and witness is required.