Headwaters Muskies

Headwaters Chapter Muskies Inc. Fall Tournament Three Lakes Wi. Spring Muskie Tournament Eagle River Wisconsin.

Musky Identifcation Catch & Release

The Future of this sport lies in our hands, every effort should be made for the safe release of ALL Muskies. Trophy Fish can still be “released” and mounted with today’s modern Taxidermists. Graphite Reproductions are HIGHLY ENDORSED by Muskies INC., many Northern Wisconsin Taxidermists will mount a replica fish at the same price of a skin mount. Examples of GREAT mounting services are brought to you from Ron Lax in Conover, WI; and Joe Fittante in Antigo, WI. Take good photos and measurements and get your fish back in the water A.S.A.P.

You must be specific on the ID of this fish, there is a trick answer. Think you know… email me your answer and I will tell you if you are right guiding@HaveRodWillTravel.com . Remember be specific, you might be wrong even if you are correct!!!! Submitted by Art Anderson.