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Headwaters Chapter Muskies Inc. Fall Tournament Three Lakes Wi. Spring Muskie Tournament Eagle River Wisconsin.


Your HEADWATERS Chapter, HIGHLY encourages the registration of every musky you catch measuring over 30 inches. Size limits and regulations may vary from lake to lake and state to state but you can register every (CATCH & RELEASE) Musky over 30 inches.

It is the goal of our club to lead all chapters in musky registration, so we need your help in fish totals. It also is important that you register your fish within 30 days of your catch & release. We also encourge the use of online registration because of it’s ease and simplicity.

Our Chapter consistanly registers well over 1000 fish per year and we feel twice that number go unregistered. Keeping that in mind you can see how much paper work can be generated in HARD COPY and online is really easy once you establish you account and first fish. SO PLEASE REGISTER YOUR FISH!

To register online here are some instructions and a walk through to get you registered. You will be leaving this site and going to the International so I suggest that you print the instructions and have them as you navigate.

The best way to print the instructions without printing this entire page is to highlight the area of instructions. Take you mouse and place your cursor on the TOP RED ASTERISK LINE, left “click” and hold down your mouse key while scolling down to the BOTTOM BLUE ASTERISK LINE and release your key. At this point you should have the instructions HIGHLIGHTED.

At this time you can hit “File” then “Print”, when your print box appears before you hit final print go to you page box and click on “SELECTION” then hit your final print. This should allow you to print only the instructions on one page. Here are your online registration instructions, If printed correctly it will neatly fit on one page:

Note: Online Registration has changed; “Fish Submission” is no longer in the Lunge Log.


First you will be going to the next website of MUSKIES INC. INTERNATIONAL, “Click” on this active hyperlink,     —-> http://www.muskiesinc.org/  From here you should be on the Home Page of Muskies Inc. International; At the top of the page and look for MEMBERS ONLY and click on this. This will take you to the LOGIN PAGE. On the LOGIN PAGE you may have to scroll down a little and you will be asked for your membership number/nickname and password. ENTER ONLY the last 5 digits of you membership number (chapter number 12 is not needed). Then put in a secret password. KEEP IN MIND there are thousands of members using some type of musky password so you may not be able to get your first pick, keep trying.

Once you have entered your number and an acceptable password (WRITE IT DOWN) before you forget. You now will be taken to the next page which is membership update; please update all information including your email address. Then click on the UPDATE MY ACCOUNT SETTING bar. If you entered all information correctly you will get the same page back, if you entered anything incorrectly you will get the same page back with read text on what your errors were. Once you have the same page back without any message then we need to “click on” MEMBER NOTICES on the far left upper column this will take you directly to the “FISH SUBMISSION” page. On this page you will need to scroll down to the Registration Form, fill this out in complete and accurate detail before you enter, once you hit enter your fish is registered. Then next time you LOGIN you should be taken to the fish submission page bypassing the update page. After which you now can register more fish. If you make it to this page and find the below box choose the top line and “click on” Select here (Example:)

Member Notices

Direct link to the MOFC online entry for fish submission – Select Here

Direct link to the Member Forum Boards area – Select Here

You will also be able to navigate through other sections of the membership page and search State to State, club to club, and person to person statistics.You wil also be able to check MY FISH for your complete fish background. If you are having problems you can contact your HOME web editor or you can contact the International Web editor. GOOD LUCK.

Hard Copy Registration


We at the Headwaters Chapter encourge the online registration as it is easy and simple. We do understand that sometimes uplinks and loading times my cause some members a problem. If you can not Register online because of difficulty you may print the below HARD COPY FORM and mail to: Dale Peterson, “Lunge Contest Director”, 8247 Lost Lake Drive West, St. Germain WI 54558. (but please try online first)

Here in an Adobe PDF file you can print the Gander Mountain (standard) Hard Copy. Because this is an online form allow just a little download time for the form to appear then just print. You might need just a minute to load the form.

To Print Registration form please


click here—->   REGISTRATION_FORM/