Video Info Clips

Welcome Fellow Anglers: As a part of bringing something new and exciting to the HEADWATERS website, we are bringing to you special Video Clips from the organization. The clips will are intended to present information that is Instructional, Educational, and in some cases just some fun. We at Chapter 12 hope you will enjoy them. Thank You!


Minnesota Musky Stocking Program

Here is an excellent video that is a documentary on the Minnesota stocking of the Leech Lake strain. Noted to have some controversary with other State this video is testimony to the cooperative efforts of Muskies Inc. and the Minnesota DNR. Provided here is testimony of both sides proclaiming the improved stocking program of the Leech Lake Musky to many Minnesota Lakes.

The results have been improved Musky fishing with a faster growing Musky and trophy class catches. Check it out!!!! (please be advised that due to the size of this video some of the quality has been reduced to bring this video to you. Should you like a DVD copy of this 13.5 minute video you may inquire through Muskies Inc. International)
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